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tiffany925's real name is tiffany.
She has 286,123 followers.
tiffany is from wonderland and she speaks english and french.
tiffany is 27 years old, she was born on July 23, 1992.
tiffany925 is interested in men, women and couples.
When asked about smoking and drinking, she replied no.
Her body type is sexy sexy =).
Lastly, when asked about body decorations, tiffany925 answered no.

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What her words might even fail to do to you, her actions definitely will. In an instant, she becomes your latest craving. So much that you even start to feel so jealous of the guy who occasionally seems to appear beside her. For all the lovely gestures made by the lady, many hearts skip a beat, but no vein is left that doesn’t throb! With so much pressure building up beneath, are you sure you can tame the wild beast that is so naughty and horny, on the other side of the screen? Your hands may even reach out to caress, but you’ve got to console yourself thinking that even Zeus himself wasn’t lucky enough to gaze at this heavenly beauty, as you Chaturbate users get to do every single day. If time vas the most valuable resource we’ve got today, then imagine how priceless the food of the gods, tiffany925 is! A sexy bombshell, with the most seductive of all stances, complemented by a curvaceous body and inviting pair of breasts, and the most highly sought region between the thighs: all of these seem to be within the grasp of the hand, and you just want to dive into that screen ASAP! It’s no wonder how viral the name itself is on the website, with the number of viewers seeming to grow exponentially.

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